FREE HER Rally 2014

Don1Don3jb-gjdSOjBLvx5zpksGmJCwcjYx6SVAUMIqpNViDmX0,heyFwIXRPEwaj4NfbMyzpNo2y3ikZuWd_IR8fqArY3Q JUNE 21, 2014 – AndreaWashington, DC

The FREE HER rally and campaign is organizing women and others in support of ending mass incarceration to gather on the Washington Mall on June 21, 2014 to (1) raise awareness of the increase in the rate of incarceration of women in the United States and the impact on our children and communities,  (2) Demand an end to voter disenfranchisement for people with felony convictions and (3)  to ask President Obama to commute the sentences of women and men in the federal system who have applied for commutation.Don2